Name Email
Majid Zamani

Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Email
Bingzhuo Zhong

PhD Candidates

Name Email
Asad Awan
Vishnu Murali*
Daniel Ajeleye
Alireza Nadali
Felipe Galarza Jimenez

Undergraduate Students

Name Email
Ellina Kim
Priya Patel
Ranjan Sigdel

*: Co-supervised student.

Past Members

Name Old Position Current Position
Navid Noroozi Postdoctoral researcher Senior System Engineer at SIGNON
Christoph Kawan Postdoctoral researcher Senior Developer at InMach GmbH Ulm
Mohammad Al Khatib Postdoctoral researcher Postdoctoral researcher at TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
Matthias Rungger Postdoctoral researcher EPO at Munich, Germany
Kuize Zhang Postdoctoral researcher Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at University of Surrey, UK
Niloofar Jahanshahi PhD student
Ali Salamati PhD student
Mahathi Anand PhD student Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Stuttgart, Germany
Bingzhuo Zhong PhD student Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Ameneh Nejati PhD student Postdoctoral researcher at MPI, Germany
Siyuan Liu PhD student Postdoctoral researcher at KTH, Sweden
Mahmoud Khaled PhD student Argo AI, Munich
Mahendra Singh Tomar PhD student, Postdoctoral researcher Assistant Professor at the Birla Institute Of Technology And Science, India
Abdalla Swikir PhD student Senior scientist at TU Munich, Germany
Pushpak Jagtap PhD student Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Science, Banglore
Abolfazl Lavaei PhD student, Postdoctoral researcher Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Newcastle University, UK
Mohamed Ben Slimane Master student Customer Success Manager at idealworks
Thomas Sebastian Gabler Master student
Valentin Florian Hiltl Master student
Yassine Hamza Master student Senior Consultant at Kantar
Rafif Hassis Master student
Susanne Riemann Master student
Said Ben Bouzid Master student
Armin Pribbernow Master student Software Engineer at WIBU-SYSTEMS AG
Simeon Nikolov Master student
Mirco Theile Master student PhD at TUM
Frederik Kunik Master student
Sebastian Käs Master student
Pantelis Vlachas Master student PhD at Harvard
Renan Derouet Master student, intern. Engineering Purchaser at IEE Sensing
Xue Chuanqi Master student
Anastasios Rigas Master student Cloud & DevOps Engineer at Accenture
Martin Wünsch Master student
Maha Khalifa Master student
Christian Berg Master student Robotics Engineer at YETI MOVE AS
Alexander Steidle Master student Engineer at LG Energy Solution
Xue Chuanqi Master student
Adrian Mitschke Bachelor student M.Sc. at TUM
Gregor Riemenschneider Bachelor student Expert Business Development at Infineon
Kacem Hariz Bachelor student Manager at Smartel
Monimoy Bujarbaruah Bachelor student, DAAD PhD at UC Berkeley
Kadiri Manasa Bachelor student, DAAD Software Engineer II at Twitch
Ishan Patil Bachelor student, DAAD Deep Learning Engineer at Focal Systems
Anmol Jain Bachelor student, DAAD
Charan Kilari Bachelor student Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Apple
Vigneshram Krishnamoorthy Bachelor student, DAAD Senior ML Engineer II at Cruise
Akhil Ram Bachelor student, DAAD MBA at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Himanshi Yadav Bachelor student, DAAD PhD at University of Pittsburgh
Aneesh Dahiya Bachelor student, DAAD Senior Technical Staff at Oracle Labs Zurich
Abhinav Himanshu Bachelor student, DAAD Engineer at Qualcomm
Loo Wei Jing Bachelor student
Nian Soon Sim Bachelor student Project Engineer at Bizplanet Solution Pte Ltd
Nur Hanis Samad Bachelor student Analyst (Trust & Safety) at TikTok
Jian How Leon Low Bachelor student
Si Min Jasmine Leong Bachelor student
Yohannes Thiotiras Kwee Bachelor student Application Engineer at NCS Group
Wei Jun Gordon Guay Bachelor student
Michael Dabic Bachelor student
Rafif Hassis Bachelor student
Ahmed Walid Abid Bachelor student Senior Java Software Engineer at UniCredit Services