pFaces: An Acceleration Ecosystem for Formal Methods in Control

The correctness of control software in many safety-critical applications such as autonomous vehicles is crucial. Formal methods in control provide approaches for automated synthesis of correct-by-construction controllers for such critical systems. Unfortunately, in most of the approaches, the complexity of synthesizing such controllers grows exponentially in the number of state variables. On the other hand, if distributed implementations are considered, high-performance computing platforms such as Cloud computing and super computers, can be leveraged to mitigate the effects of the state-explosion problem.

pFaces was proposed as an extensible software-ecosystem, to accelerate the techniques of formal methods in control. It facilitates designing parallel algorithms and supervises their executions to utilize available computing resources.

More details about pFaces can be found on its official page here.

Tools that use pFaces

The following tools use pFaces to accelerate their execution:

  • AMYTISS: A tool for parallel automated controller synthesis for large-scale stochastic systems.

  • PIRK: A tool for parallel computation of reachable sets for general nonlinear systems.


pFaces is free to download and use with a demo license. You can download it from its GitHub repository. For researches, there exist academic license that extend the functionality of pFaces. Contact Mahmoud Khaled to request an academic license if you are interested.

Tool paper and related works

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Please report any problems/bugs you face while installing and running pFaces to Mahmoud Khaled.