Mahmoud Khaled

Mahmoud Khaled 

Ph.D. Candidate (Come to Egypt)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Technical University of Munich
Room: 3963 in building 0509
Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München

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Bio and Research

Mahmoud Khaled is an PhD student in Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) since April 2016. He received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to pursue his PhD in Germany. He received his B.Sc. degree (Computer and Systems Engineering, 2009) and M.Sc. degree (Electrical Engineering, 2014) from the Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Egypt. His M.Sc. Thesis recieved the Best-M.Sc.-Thesis award for the academic year 20142015, Minia University, Egypt based on the publications extracted from the thesis. Most of his prior work targeted efficient HWSW implementations of embedded control systems using various computing platforms. His current research spans:

  • Formal Methods in System Design/Synthesis;

  • Cyber-Physical Systems (embedded control systems, real-time systems, and networked systems);

  • HW-based acceleration of the automated synthesis/implementation of embedded controllers.


  • Summer Semester: Implementations of Correct-by-Construction Embedded Controllers, TUM, Germany,

  • Winter Semester: Formal Methods Lab, TUM, Germany.


  • pFaces/iXplore: A tool for input-based state-space exploration.

  • pFaces/AMYTISS: A tool for parallel automated controller synthesis for large-scale stochastic systems.

  • pFaces/PIRK (Co-author): A tool for parallel computation of interval overapproximations to reachable sets of nonlinear control systems.

  • pFaces/SymbolicControl (Closed-source, patent-pending, access-by-request): A tool for parallel abstraction-based controller synthesis for general non-linear systems.

  • pFaces: An acceleration ecosystem for formal method techniques.

  • SENSE: A tool for abstraction and symbolic-controller-synthesis of networked control systems.

  • BDD2Implement: A tool for HW/SW code-generation to implement BDD-based symbolic controllers.

  • SCOTS (Maintenance only): A tool to automated controller synthesize for nonlinear systems.

Journal Papers

  • M. Khaled and M. Zamani. Cloud-ready Acceleration of Formal Method Techniques for Cyber-physical Systems. Submitted for publication.

  • M. Zamani, M. Mazo Jr, M. Khaled, and A. Abate. Symbolic models for networked control systems. IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems, (Accepted, to appear).

  • A. A. Elbaset, H. Ali, M. A. Sattar, and M. Khaled. A modified P&O MPPT Algorithm for PV Systems with Implementation on an Embedded Microcontroller. IET Renewable Power Generation, Sep. 2015.

  • H. A. Youness, M. Moness and M. Khaled. MPSoCs and Multicore Microcontrollers for Embedded PID Control: A Detailed Study. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol.10, no.4, pp.2122-2134, Nov. 2014.

  • H. A. Youness, M. Moness and M. Khaled. Quad-Core MPSoC Architecture for PID-Based Embedded Control Systems. International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering (IJCTE), vol. 5, no. 6, pp. 914-919, Dec. 2013.

Conference Papers

  • M. Khaled, E. S. Kim, M. Arcak, M. Zamani. Synthesis of Symbolic Controllers: A Parallelized and Sparsity-Aware Approach. 25th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS). ETAPS 2019: 6-11 April, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic (Accepted, to appear).

  • M. Khaled, and M. Zamani. pFaces: An Acceleration Ecosystem for Symbolic Control. 22nd ACM International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC 2019), April 16-18, 2019, Montreal, Canada (Accepted, to appear).

  • M. Khaled, M. Rungger, and M. Zamani. SENSE: Abstraction-Based Synthesis of Networked Control Systems. 1st International Workshop on Methods and Tools for Rigorous System Design (MeTRiD 2018), April 2018.

  • M. Khaled, M. Rungger, M. Zamani. Symbolic models of networked control systems: A feedback refinement relation approach. The 54th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Sept. 2016.

  • M. Moness, M. Khaled, M. Bakr, and A. Omar. PID Control of a Lab Scale Single-Rotor Helicopter System using a Multicore Microcontroller. The 16th International Conference on Aerospace Sciences and Aviation Technology (ASAT 2016)., Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, Volume: 16.

  • H. A. Youness, M. Moness and M. Khaled. Quad-Core MPSoC Architecture for PID-Based Embedded Control Systems. In proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computer and Communication Devices (ICCCD 2013), Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, June 2013.

  • M. Moness, H. A. Youness and M. Khaled. Direct Mapping of Digital PID Control Algorithm to a Custom FPGA-Based MPSoC. In proceedings of 8th International Conference of Electrical Engineering (ICEENG), At MTC, Cairo, Egypt, vol. EE116, April 2012.


  • M. Khaled, E. Kim, M. Arcak, M. Zamani. Synthesis of Symbolic Controllers: A Parallelized and Sparsity-Aware Approach (accepted, to appear). European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS 2019), Prague, Czech April 2019 Poster.

  • E. Kim, M. Khaled, M. Zamani, Major, Arack, Murat. Major Computational Breakthroughs in the Synthesis of Symbolic Controllers via Decomposed Algorithms. 21st ACM International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC 2018), Porto, Portugal April 2018. ACM Abstract Poster

  • M. Khaled, M. Rungger, M. Zamani, Symbolic Models of Networked Control Systems. NET-CPS 2016: International Symposium on Networked Cyber-Physical Systems, Garching, Germany September 2016. Poster

Supervised Students

Awards and Honors

  • 2019: ACM Travel Grant for HSCC 2019, Montreal, Canada.

  • 2019: Intel FPGA University Grant - Terasic/Intel DE10-PRO.

  • 2018: Amazon AWS Research Award - 15000 USD as AWS credits.

  • 2018: ACM Travel Grant for HSCC 2018, Porto, Portugal.

  • 2018: Xilinx FPGA Grant for F1 AWS Instances - 500 USD as AWS credits.

  • 2017: Intel FPGA University Grant - FPGA PCIe/Embedded Acceleration Development Boards for the Implementations Lab.

  • 2015: PhD Scholarship on the German-Egyptian Long Term Research Scholarship (GERLS) Program, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Germany.

  • 2014: Minia University’s Best M.Sc. Thesis Award, Minia University, Egypt.

  • 2013: Winner of Young Innovation Awards (YIA) program for innovative research projects, BG Egypt, Nahdet ElMahrousa Org, Egypt.

  • 2009: 1st Place Award in 2009 Samsung Real Dream Award (SRDA) for Graduation Projects, Nahdet El-Mahrousa Organisation and Samsung Corporation, Egypt