Siyuan Liu

Siyuan Liu 

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Technical University of Munich
Room: 3018 in building 2906
Karlstraße. 45/47
80333 München

Tel: +

Bio and Research

Siyuan Liu is a PhD student in the Hybrid Control Systems group, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) since October 2017. She received her B.Sc. degree (Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, 2014) and M.Sc. degree (Control Engineering, 2017) from Beihang University, China. Her current research interests:

  • Compositional synthesis and verification of large-scale systems;

  • Formal methods;

  • Safety and secuirty in Cyber-Physical Systems.

Teaching and supervision

  • Summer Semester 2019: Advanced Seminar on Cyber-physical Systems (Supervision). Topic: Compositional Safety Synthesis For Interconnected System Based On Set-Invariance; Analysis on security and privacy properties in Cyber-Physical Control Systems

Journal Papers

  • S. Liu, M. Zamani. Compositional synthesis of opacity-preserving finite abstractions for interconnected systems. Submitted for publication. (Preprint)

  • S. Liu, A. Swikir, and M. Zamani. Verification of initial-state opacity for switched systems: A compositional approach. Submitted for publication.

  • X. Yin, M. Zamani and S. Liu. On approximate opacity of cyber-physical systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, conditionally accepted as a full paper. (Preprint)

  • Z. Liang, S. Liu, et al. Lateral entry guidance with no-fly zone constraint. Aerospace science and technology, 60: 39-47. 2017.

Conference Papers

  • S. Liu, X. Yin, and M. Zamani. On a notion of approximate opacity for discrete-time stochastic control systems. IEEE American Control Conference (ACC), acceptd, to appear, July 2020.

  • S. Liu and M. Zamani. Compositional synthesis of almost maximally permissible safety controllers. IEEE American Control Conference (ACC), pp. 1678–1683, July 2019.

  • S. Liu, Z. Liang, et al. Predictor-corrector guidance for entry with terminal altitude constraint. IEEE Chinese Control Conference (CCC), pp. 5557-5562, July 2016.